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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do you want to have sex with Mom and Dad??

I'm sitting in my room right now watching Sex with Mom and Dad on MTV. I think the thought of the show is great. All children should know that they can be open and honest with their parents when they become sexually active. But I feel that this show crosses the line. It is acceptable to tell your mother or father that you are having sex, but I do not think that a child should tell their mom about their orgasms and personal fantasies. Most of the excercises performed in this show are somewhat disturbing. I would NEVER want my parents to tell me what position they have had sex in, or what their favorite form of foreplay is. I also feel like the show is boderline unrealistic. I don't believe that most parents would be as open with their children about sex as they are on the show. For example, in one of the episodes the parents had to tell their daughter where they have had sex in the house. They explained to her that they had had sex in the bathroom and they took her to the bathroom in which they had sex. It is hard for me to believe that most parents would be so willing to do these things and to tell their child so much about their sex lives.
Don't get me wrong guys, many of the tactics practiced in this show are beneficial. Putting the promotion of birth control and the education of STD's on T.V. is always a positive. I can give MTV their props for that! But I think that when they developed the concept for the show they should have thought it out better. After watching the show again, I began to feel as if it was going to do the total opposite of its' purpose. Instead of teaching kids about safe-sex and abstinance, the show will only show kids that they can have sex with multiple partners, perform unsafe oral sex methods, and have unprotected sex AS LONG AS THEY EVENTUALLY TELL THEIR PARENTS!
But that's just my take on the show guys!! What do you think??

Monday, October 13, 2008


AAAGGGHHH!!!! So, why the heck am I screaming??? Because I'm extremely nervous about a performance I have to do this Thursday. I'm singing....&& YES i can sing....but I've never performed....

WAIT!!!!.....I take that back....I have had 2 performances in my LIFE and well..........

1. Second Grade: I was at Country Hills Elementary School, and we had a school play, and "the little black girl with a powerful voice" (aka ME) got a solo. OMG!! i was so excited. I was the lead in "Someday My Price Will Come!" by. The Beautiful Snow White!! Well, when it was my turn I click-clacked over to the microphone in my CLOGS!! Yes, people, I had on clogs!! Well, I got to the mic, sang my song, ruined a few notes, and click-clacked back to my spot on the stage and made sure NOT to look or speak to anyone! It was a mess! I think that was the moment that caused me to have such a huge fear of performing, and singing on stage!

2. Well, number two is not as bad, but it still sucks. Too make a long story short, I sang at a wedding and I was soooo nervous. My voice was shaky and my hands were sweaty, I sang a song by Mariah Carey. HUGE MISTAKE! After my second grade experience I don't think I should have jumped out that far and tackled such a queen. After the performance was over,I walked inside, and held in my tears! 

The most encouraging thing after these performances was the feedback from everyone. Even though I know I sucked (a little) people still came up and told me about the positives in my performance, and instead of lying to me and telling me it was all good, people decided to encourage me to work on the mistakes I made. {{Thanks to all you}}

.....The moral of the story is..........I'm performing on Thursday and I am terrified, I'm nervous, but I am building confidence daily, because There is HOPE!! I talked to my mom, and she says that backing out is not an option, so at this point I just need to work on perfecting my performance. It's just so hard, to perfect your performance, when you don't know what your performance is. HA! So, I guess I'm going to learn Thursday!! 

Anybody else ever felt like this??????????????????????????????????

Wish Me Luck!!
Peace Guys!!


--CaMrEi ReNeE

Friday, October 10, 2008

What does your style SCREAM!!

Hey guys! First off I would like to say THANK YOU to the SuPeR people who left comments. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Well, in case you don't know......I changed my major to Fashion Merchandising yesterday. YYAAYY!! As a fashion merchandising major, I thought I should talk about fashion today. After reading THE RED & BLACK, I was inspired to post on the individuality and uniqueness of the fashion here at UGA. Many people seem to forget that fashion is not necessarily what society defines it to be. Or what the media says is "in style." Fashion is a statement. It is an outlet of expression for people through their own personal style. BUT!!!!! It should not look too CrAzY. lol. In The Red & Black today, Katie Deary, a junior from Savannah, Georgia, defines fashion and style perfectly. Katie says, "Fashion was never meant to restrict and alienate but to liberate." So today, instead of placing my own opinions on peoples style, and instead of defining their fashion myself, I decided to ask a few students to give me 4 words that described their fashion and what it speaks about them. Here's what I got!!

Chidi Inenacho, Freshman (Stone Moutain, Ga)
"My style is unique, relaxed, chill, and comfortable. I DO ME!"

Taiki Hari, Senior (Japan)
"My style is Japanese, Paisley, Light Toned, and Not Flashy."

Tierra Bagby, Sophomore (Snellville, Ga)
"My style shows that I'm outgoing, beautiful, bright, and loveable!"

Sara Crawford, Freshman (Fayetteville, Ga)
"My style says Pizzazz!! Salt N Peppa!! Paper Mache!! and Aloe Vera!! 

Salah Eltarhoni, Sophomore (Marietta, Ga)
"My style is flashy, but conservative. Unique and good -natured!"

Chi-Chi Ibiam, Freshman (Lawrenceville, Ga)
"My fashion is spontaneous! It says freedom, individuality, and joy!"

Carlton Thomas, Freshman (Frostproof, Fla)
"My style is fresh! It's unique, it's sexy, and it's diverse!"

Kristal Boddie, Sophomore (Lithonia, Ga)
"My style says I'm a diva! It's sexy, but still classy! It's trendy, but it's still unique"

So this weekend, I challenge you readers. When you go out, and see someone dressed in a fashion other than the one you like, DON'T JUDGE THEM!! Embrace their uniqueness!! And when you get dressed to go out, try to make an outfit that screams your name and your personality. Leave comments and pics of your outfits to let me know how it goes.........

PEACE YA'LL!!! Have a great weekend!!

P.S.....{every vote counts}

--CaMrEi ReNeE T.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's on your mind???

As my first post I would really like to find out what's on everyone's mind. What would you all like to see me talk about on here? Not only did I make this blog for myself, I also made this blog for the readers, and I would really appreciate feedback!!!!

So.....tell me.....What's on your mind?......What's your style?.....What's your favorite color?......When's your birthday?......Tell me anything about you!!! I want to know the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY things you'd like to read about and discuss. I want to know your interests.

I can't wait to hear from EVERYONE!!!

{{{ EVERYONE needs to make sure that they get out and vote. Every vote counts.}}}