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Friday, October 10, 2008

What does your style SCREAM!!

Hey guys! First off I would like to say THANK YOU to the SuPeR people who left comments. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Well, in case you don't know......I changed my major to Fashion Merchandising yesterday. YYAAYY!! As a fashion merchandising major, I thought I should talk about fashion today. After reading THE RED & BLACK, I was inspired to post on the individuality and uniqueness of the fashion here at UGA. Many people seem to forget that fashion is not necessarily what society defines it to be. Or what the media says is "in style." Fashion is a statement. It is an outlet of expression for people through their own personal style. BUT!!!!! It should not look too CrAzY. lol. In The Red & Black today, Katie Deary, a junior from Savannah, Georgia, defines fashion and style perfectly. Katie says, "Fashion was never meant to restrict and alienate but to liberate." So today, instead of placing my own opinions on peoples style, and instead of defining their fashion myself, I decided to ask a few students to give me 4 words that described their fashion and what it speaks about them. Here's what I got!!

Chidi Inenacho, Freshman (Stone Moutain, Ga)
"My style is unique, relaxed, chill, and comfortable. I DO ME!"

Taiki Hari, Senior (Japan)
"My style is Japanese, Paisley, Light Toned, and Not Flashy."

Tierra Bagby, Sophomore (Snellville, Ga)
"My style shows that I'm outgoing, beautiful, bright, and loveable!"

Sara Crawford, Freshman (Fayetteville, Ga)
"My style says Pizzazz!! Salt N Peppa!! Paper Mache!! and Aloe Vera!! 

Salah Eltarhoni, Sophomore (Marietta, Ga)
"My style is flashy, but conservative. Unique and good -natured!"

Chi-Chi Ibiam, Freshman (Lawrenceville, Ga)
"My fashion is spontaneous! It says freedom, individuality, and joy!"

Carlton Thomas, Freshman (Frostproof, Fla)
"My style is fresh! It's unique, it's sexy, and it's diverse!"

Kristal Boddie, Sophomore (Lithonia, Ga)
"My style says I'm a diva! It's sexy, but still classy! It's trendy, but it's still unique"

So this weekend, I challenge you readers. When you go out, and see someone dressed in a fashion other than the one you like, DON'T JUDGE THEM!! Embrace their uniqueness!! And when you get dressed to go out, try to make an outfit that screams your name and your personality. Leave comments and pics of your outfits to let me know how it goes.........

PEACE YA'LL!!! Have a great weekend!!

P.S.....{every vote counts}

--CaMrEi ReNeE T.

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