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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do you want to have sex with Mom and Dad??

I'm sitting in my room right now watching Sex with Mom and Dad on MTV. I think the thought of the show is great. All children should know that they can be open and honest with their parents when they become sexually active. But I feel that this show crosses the line. It is acceptable to tell your mother or father that you are having sex, but I do not think that a child should tell their mom about their orgasms and personal fantasies. Most of the excercises performed in this show are somewhat disturbing. I would NEVER want my parents to tell me what position they have had sex in, or what their favorite form of foreplay is. I also feel like the show is boderline unrealistic. I don't believe that most parents would be as open with their children about sex as they are on the show. For example, in one of the episodes the parents had to tell their daughter where they have had sex in the house. They explained to her that they had had sex in the bathroom and they took her to the bathroom in which they had sex. It is hard for me to believe that most parents would be so willing to do these things and to tell their child so much about their sex lives.
Don't get me wrong guys, many of the tactics practiced in this show are beneficial. Putting the promotion of birth control and the education of STD's on T.V. is always a positive. I can give MTV their props for that! But I think that when they developed the concept for the show they should have thought it out better. After watching the show again, I began to feel as if it was going to do the total opposite of its' purpose. Instead of teaching kids about safe-sex and abstinance, the show will only show kids that they can have sex with multiple partners, perform unsafe oral sex methods, and have unprotected sex AS LONG AS THEY EVENTUALLY TELL THEIR PARENTS!
But that's just my take on the show guys!! What do you think??


DeAngel206 said...

I LOVE Dr. Drew! As far as the show goes, I don't think that the ultimate goal is to find out what your parents'/child's sexual habits are (although it is by-product), but rather to open the communication lines. I mean, once you talk about embarrassing things with your parents like what your favorite position is or how you give a blow job, communication is easy. It really DOES help. But once communication is opened up, a child may feel comfortable to talk to their mom/dad about anything, meaning a healthier relationship between them and individually as well. The show's process also help the child to understand where the parent is coming from, and vice versa.

Dai* said...

UH ... my family has always been very open since I was little .. no birds and bees talk .. just straight up it is what it is!!! lol I can talk to them about anything ... idk about doing it on national television though. Privacy should still be kept yanno .. so to me that show is just embarrassing lol
♥ Dai

Javan said...

I love that you just brought up this Topic. I LOVE DR. DREW... how does he come up with those "Ice Breaker" games? I was sitting in my room as well and I was just pondering: "Would I be willing to honest enough to go through with that whole show?" I think my mom would be cool with some of the games they have on there, but there's also this thought that she would be disgusted with the new information on my sex life... It's a little embarrassing just because, not only does the child have to talk about their sex life, but the parents do as well, which is too funny.

All in All I think "Sex with Mom and Dad" is a Great show to help parents communicate the stigmatic "SEX" conversation with their child and its a great opportunity for teens to open up to their parents. Sex is a hush hush conversation in many homes and this show is Breaking all the boundaries in 2008...